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What is P2P Lending

P2P lending is a new asset class that provides an opportunity for Investors to invest in multiple loans of credit assessed Borrowers. P2P lending companies are digital platforms that act as a facilitator in the complete management of the loan life cycle

P2P Lending is a Digital
Marketplace Model

P2P Platforms are an online marketplace that allow Investors and Borrowers to transact and leverage the power of shared economy.P2P lending platforms do not lend their own funds but act as facilitators to both the Borrower and the lender.

Consumer to Consumer

P2P platforms are a c2c marketplace connecting Investors on one side of the spectrum with qualified Borrowers on the other side thus providing powerful value proposition for both stakeholders.

Many to Many

P2P platforms provide an opportunity to an Investor to invest in multiple loans and helps diversify risks, and a Borrower’s loan also gets filled by multiple Investors thereby acting as a many to many marketplace platform.

Why P2P Lending

There is a big opportunity to provide financial access to a larger base of creditworthy consumers in India. P2P lending was provided investors to top into this opportunity to earn returns. P2P lending in India is regulated by Reserve Bank of India & only the companies who qualify to the stringent Regulatory guidelines are allowed to operate with NBFC – P2P licence

Earn regular income as high as 2.5 times of that fixed deposit

P2P lending allows Investors to earn monthly returns in the form of EMIs. These monthly returns can be treated as secondary source of an income by the Investor and certain P2P platforms allow you to automatically reinvest into new loans at a click of button to unlock the power of compounding.

Fills a wide vacuum between fixed deposit and Equity

Debt and equity asset classes thereby providing a great flavor to the Investors portfolio. P2P lending as an asset class is also uncorrelated to market volatility and brings balance to the overall portfolio returns of your investment.

Access to Retail Assets

Before the introduction of P2P lending as an asset class, an individual Investor did not have an easy option to directly invest in retail loans. With P2P lending today, an individual Investor has the access to invest in retail loans which is a powerful investment that most FI allover the world are investing in.

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